Archive FS

Archive FS is a simple user space file system that I wrote in the OS course. You can map any archive files to a file system(drive), which allows easy browsing, searching or opening in other application.

As a side note, I started this project because I used foobar2000 a lot, and I wanted it to be able to search music files inside zip files on my disk. Although there already existed some plugin doing this job, I thought it's inconvenient and decided to approach the problem in a different way, by making the zip files into a totally transparent file system.

How it works

I used Dokan to write the user space file system driver and Lib7zip to read archive files. The code is actually very simple (see my github page), so I don't want to go into much details.


Here are some screenshots demonstrating what you can do with a ArchiveFS-mounted zip file:

Mounting the file
Show as a new Hard Disk Drive
Browse files in Windows Explorer
Open a file in other application
Search files

Last updated 8/17/2014